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So, you’re currently single and you are hoping to find the love of your life. Unfortunately, you still can’t find the right one. Now you’re thinking of joining these popular online dating sites. The question is – can these online dating sites help you find your perfect match? To tell you the truth, there’s actually a higher chance that you will be able to find one. more
HowAboutWe Consumer Q&A
Yes, HowAboutWe has mobile apps for both Android and Apple devices.  The company recoginizes that most of their target audience uses these devices and would want to check their contacts through these devicies.  The apps are free, but a membership to the site is required to use the apps.&nb... more
The company does not share information with other subscribers.  The member controls who he talks to and if he wants to continue a relationship with another member.  He or she also determines how much information they want to reveal to another member.  The company also does background ... more
A new subscriber can view messages left by other subscribers who meet the criteria and interests of the member.  The member can then decide to respond to those individuals who they feel like they have something in common with.  It is then up to the other member if they begin to talk to the... more
HowAboutWe Overview
HowAboutWe... It all starts with these three magic words. How About We. These three words could be combined with countless other words that could be used to grab a date. How about we go out and have fun? How about we watch a movie together? How about we meet at the park? How about we play video games at my house? The possibilities are endless. And that's what HowAboutWe brings to the table - endless possibilities on how to get a date. HowAboutWe is an online dating site that encourages people to go out, meet up, have fun together, and, well, date. You just don't sit in front of the monitor all day procrastinating because HowAboutWe would give you tons of opportunities to go out with so... more
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